What Is A Coupon Code?

What is a coupon code?

Regularly a coupon code consists of different numbers or letters. Retailers use them to generate more sales. Almost every online store provides a little discount field in their shopping cart. Just copy and paste the coupon code found on couponsmm.com to that field and save money!

Are the coupon codes for free?

Yes, they are. There’s nothing more to add.

How long does a coupon code last?

That depends. You will find the expiring date underneath the coupon code.

Can I use the code more than once?

That also depends on the store. Sometimes you can use a code as often as you wish, sometimes a code is only valid for one purchase. You will always find that information right next to the code.

Can I combine codes in order to save even more money?

Sometimes even that is possible. If there is no information about that on our site, you might want to just try it out.

What if a code is not valid anymore?

Well, in that case one of us messed up! Just send us a short e-Mail and we will delete the code and find a new maybe even better one. Deal?

I want to tell my friends about you and your excellent service. Would you like that?

Yes, we would! Feel free to tell your family, friends and co-workers about us.

I wanted to be updated whenever there is a new coupon code I might like. We knew you would say that. That’s why we have a lovely little newsletter.